Candids, The Hollywood Years


Clark Gable was a highly respected individual in Hollywood. Although not an avid partygoer, Gable did have many friends in Hollywood that included such people as David Niven, Lucille Ball, Paulette Goddard, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Marlene Dietrich, Claudette Colbert, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Tyrone Power, James Cagney, Victor Fleming, and Ward Bond. Gable always cooperated with the Press.



Artists had a field day with Gable, playing up his big physical stature, famous sugar bowl ears, and devilish grin.

Magazine Covers


Clark Gable during his reign as a major star appeared on the cover of many leading magazines in the United States and throughout the world. The public always wanted to read about him.

Gable's Autos


Gable loved automobiles. His favorite was the Duesenberg that Carole Lombard had given him as a gift in 1936.

Gable's Death

Gable's death

Clark Gable died on November 16, 1960, suddenly and quietly after recuperating for several days from a massive heart attack at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. His wife Kay was at his side. He was 59. Gable was interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery next to Carole Lombard.

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